our team

The team at Bobbi’s Gold are some of the best in the industry. They work together to ensure uniform, safe and (most importantly) fun classes to every student to walk through our golden door. Rest assured, you’re going to leave feeling more confident, a bit sweaty and having had a great time.

Bobbi | Founder & Director

Bobbi is a legend in the pole industry. She opened Australia’s first pole studio in 2004 and paved the way for pole dancing as a structured form of fitness globally. A master teacher and choreographer, her skills have had her travelling the globe for over a decade.  

She has an early background in jazz ballet, followed by a lengthy professional career in cabaret shows in Japan, finally turning her passion to the exotic dance Industry where she entertained for over 15 years.

Bobbi’s Gold is her passion project and baby, and she loves nothing more than sharing her beautiful space and choreography with the Gold community.

mimi | teacher

Mimi has been teaching for over 8 years, and is a founding teacher at Bobbi’s Gold. With a background in classical ballet and exercise, she brings an emphasis of gorgeous lines, fluid movement and correct muscle engagement to her classes.  

Known in the industry for her flexibility and fluidity, she’s Bobbi’s Gold own flexibility specialist. Her generous yet uncompromising personality and (questionably) terrible jokes fosters a very fun environment of hard work in her classes, and her students love her for it. 

When she’s not teaching, you can find her working hard behind her computer as an art director. She teaches Intermediate 2 – Advanced, Advanced Tricks, Flexibility, Pole Grooves and Advanced Chair. 

missii | teacher

Missii found pole over ten years ago and has been teaching challenging, supportive and hilariously fun classes ever since. Having recently completed her advanced classical Pilates training, you’ll find a base of technical movement in all of her classes.

A floor work champion with a movement style very unique to her, Missii’s exotic style makes her classes extremely popular. Her classes are loud, full of laughs and energy. 

When she’s not teaching, you can find her at home sliding on her reformer with her puppies. She teaches Prep Advanced – Advanced, Beginners – Advanced Floor Work, Static and Pole Grooves.

evie jo | teacher

With a background in gymnastics, Evie Jo found pole over ten years ago and it was LOVE at first spin. Combining dancing, costumes and glitter, what could be better?

Evie Jo is an encouraging teacher with a warm personality. Her students fall in love with her kind nature which supports a nurturing environment. Evie Jo has a passion for the ‘show’ and is a true showgirl.

When she’s not teaching, she’s crunching numbers in her accounting job. She teaches Intermediate 1 – Intermediate 3, SLAP and Advanced Pole Grooves.

chloe | teacher

Chloe began pole dancing as a student at Bobbi’s Gold about 5 years ago, and instantly took to the sensual movement. Her background in dance gives her classes a foundation in technique with a focus on beautiful extension.

Her bright and bubbly personality is infectious and she fosters a caring and fun environment in her classes. She always makes her students feel comfortable and at home, and welcomes everyone in with open arms! 

When she’s not teaching, you can usually find dancing in other classes! But when she’s not at the studio, she’s a search engine marketing specialist. She teaches Beginners – Intermediate 2.