A lover of all things creative, Mimi's dance career started when her mum had finally had enough of her asking to go to dance rather than swimming lessons... She fell in love with everything about it and ended up doing a few years of full time ballet along with her studies. Deemed a little too tall for the boys to lift, she moved on to other styles of dance, and finally found the perfect partner - a brass pole. It was love at first spin.

Mimi adores sharing this love of hers with her students. Her classes are high energy, fun and jam-packed with laughs - you'll always leave feeling like you've had a workout. She breaks down moves so you can't miss a beat. Known around Gold for her flexibility, she loves challenging her students to nail their splits, work on their lines and push their bodies a little further than what most think are capable. On a Friday night she becomes a commando when flex class starts...

Deep down, Mimi is a (proud) nerd with an honours degree in Fashion and Textiles design and a love for all things digital - when she's not on the pole she's designing costumes, posters and websites!


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