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Welcome to Bobbi’s Gold. Your new favourite getaway from the every day. You’ve probably heard about pole dancing through a friend, family or colleague; and we’re so glad you’ve stumbled across Bobbi’s Gold!

Pole dancing improves fitness, flexibility and develops a beautiful confidence. Bobbi’s Gold fosters an environment of supportive, humble and passionate people who come together (all ages, genders, body types and walks of life) to enjoy an hour of sexy, fun and frankly, generally fabulous exercise.

Bobbi’s Gold is the home and vision of Bobbi, legend in the international pole industry after founding the first pole dancing studio in Australia. Bobbi runs, teaches and trains solely at Bobbi’s Gold – and manages a team of the industry’s best pole dance instructors.

Bobbi’s. The Birthplace of Pole Dancing in Australia

Bobbi is a legend in the pole industry. She opened Australia’s first pole studio in 2004 and paved the way for pole dancing as a structured form of fitness globally. A master teacher and choreographer, her skills have had her travelling the globe for over a decade.

Our Team

The team at Bobbi’s Gold are some of the best in the industry. They work together to ensure uniform, safe and (most importantly) fun classes to every student to walk through our golden door. Rest assured, you’re going to leave feeling more confident, a bit sweaty and having had a great time.

Our Studio

Bobbi’s Gold is a beautiful, inviting space with ten competition grade, 38mm brass dance poles which can be used on both spin and static mode. Hybrid flooring, soft lighting and high mirrors allow for a comfortable and fun class in a luxurious space to help you escape your everyday!

All levelled classes at Bobbi’s Gold are taught on a spinning pole. Every student gets their own pole in full view of the teacher.

We have bathroom and shower facilities within the studio.

Our Classes

Specialising in pole dancing classes from beginners through high advanced, chair and lap dancing and flexibility and conditioning classes. Our curriculum has been expertly designed not only build fitness and strength, but to foster both mental and physical development in our welcoming and friendly community. We’re so proud of our beautiful space and the people who frequent it, and can’t wait to welcome you.


Shorts and a top will do you just fine! Don’t stress that you’ll be ‘overdressed’ when watching the more advanced classes… they use that extra skin to stick to the pole!

We’re all about respecting the origins of pole… so most of our students wear heels! Don’t feel like you need to commit to the ‘stripper shoes’ first week in… feel free to bring some heels along (no louboutins!) that can get a little knocked around – otherwise bare foot is also completely fine. No runners needed!

Head to High Heels – 292 Crown St, Surry Hills! Tell them you’re from Bobbi’s Gold and they’ll look after you! You can also shop online with them here, but we always recommend to go try a pair on first.

Absolutely not! All classes are open to any person, no matter how they identify.

We don’t expect you to be a professional before you come in..! No prior knowledge required! Just make sure you don’t moisturise the day of pole… You’ll slide right down (which is a bad thing!). Come about 10 minutes before class starts to sign some papers and you’ll be ready!

We offer practice time for both students and non students:

Monday 2pm – 4pm

Please contact us to book. 

We love that, but no skipping for you. Pole dancing is complicated, and you need to start from beginners to learn the foundation moves before you can move up.

Pole dancing doesn’t discriminate, nor do we! No matter what your size or fitness ability, you will find that pole dancing tones your body and increase your strength. We celebrate the body’s ability to move, not what it looks like, and believe we should exercise to feel good, not to lose weight.

Because of the nature and content of the classes, you must be over 18 to come to classes at Bobbi’s Gold.

The classes are an hour each (unless specified otherwise) and you book in for an 8 week term. We have 6 x eight week terms a year.

Ask your teacher or a friendly receptionist where you can do a make up class. As long as it’s within the 8 week term you can join in wherever there’s a free spot! It’s recommended to do the class in the same week so you don’t miss a move, though we understand this isn’t always possible.

Give us a call, or come see us in the studio, and we’ll chat about your previous experience and the best level for you to go into!


We understand the pole addiction… But there’s good news… the more classes you book, the cheaper your term becomes! Book one full price and receive any additional classes in the same term as a ‘reduced rate class*.

*Your pole class will always be your full price class when doing consecutive classes.

Pole Levels

$250 for 8 weeks

($150 when enrolled in a 2nd 8 week course that term, $130 when enrolled a 3rd class that same term, $120 when enrolled in a 4th 8 week course that term)

Specialty Courses

$250 for 8 weeks

($150 when enrolled in a 2nd 8 week course that term, $130 when enrolled a 3rd class that same term, $120 when enrolled in a 4th 8 week course that term)


$180 for 8 weeks ($130 for 45 min class)

(when enrolled in another 8 week course that term)

$130 for 8 weeks ($100 for 45 min class)

Practice Time

$20 per student

Please call or speak to reception to book