Pole dancing builds strength and flexibility while building on your dance skills and confidence. All classes are progressive, the tricks you learn in beginners assist your strength and co-ordination for your tricks in Inter 1, and so it continues all the way through until Advanced.

No matter what your previous dance, gymnastic or sporting experience, all new students who haven’t pole danced before must start in beginners. You may need to repeat a level once, twice (or a few times!) – as long as you’re having fun and continuing to build your strength – we’re happy!

See below for an overview for our different levels!

All students new to pole dancing start in beginners. These classes are designed to introduce you to basic spins and manoeuvres around the pole, as well as dance and movement. It works on building strength and range of moves that can be performed with time and practice.


Once you are feeling comfortable with your moves from Beginners, you can enrol for Intermediate 1! This course revises pole skills gained in the previous course, whilst moving on to moves requiring strength and agility such as inverts and more complex manoeuvres, combined with dance and pole combinations.

Intermediate 1

Once you’ve nailed your invert from the floor, it’s time to move up the pole! Intermediate 2 is for those students who have completed Intermediate 1 and are ready to be challenged with a variety of inverts, climbs and spins – building strength and flexibility throughout the course!

Intermediate 2

Intermediate 3 is a challenging, aerobic and complex level which is for students who are feeling completely confident with their Intermediate 2 course moves! Complex long combinations, tricks requiring flexibility and strength and a challenging routine.

Intermediate 3

Nailed Int 3 but not quite ready for Advanced? This course is a ‘crossover’ to the higher levels – concentrating purely on moves. Every move is broken down to leave you feeling completely comfortable without the pressure of a routine. It’s a must-do course for anyone wanting to move into Advanced, and a great refresher for current Advanced students.

Prep Advanced

Concentrating on all of the hardest, must-learn moves all within a sexy and challenging routine! You’ll be hanging off the pole with one limb in no time…


If you love (or need to work on) your pole DANCING, this course is for you. A new routine each week or two, showing you how Pole Dancing can be a graceful and fluid form of dance, as well as highly aerobic. All levels above Int 1 welcome.

Pole Grooves

Floorwork is more than just rolling around… This class will teach and test your strength, co-ordination and rhythm – working on the hardest and most exotic tricks.


This is a pole grooves course especially designed for Prep Adv and Advanced students who have the tricks under their belts and wish to take their pole dancing one step further… Focusing on complex floorwork, how to ‘freestyle’ and how to work with the music, students are pushed to the limits.

Advanced Pole Grooves

Seen something crazy on social media? This is where you’ll learn it! All of the best, and hardest moves, all wrapped up into one crazy hour! No routine in this class.

Advanced Tricks

Not quite flexible enough to do the pole moves you would like? Join this 8-week course which concentrates on flexibility exercises specific to pole dancing & getting you down in the splits. This class is also designed to build muscular & core strength, using professional dance techniques that will help you become a better pole dancer! Watch your flexibility double in only 8 short weeks! *NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NEEDED NOTE: Please bring a Yoga Mat

Splits & Flexibility

Standing for ‘strip & lap dancing’ – this sexy class will break down how to dance like a pro. You’ll learn a gorgeous routine over 8 weeks which will include either a chair or stool.


Not for the faint-hearted, this class has you sitting on the chair any other way than normal. Combining flexibility, strength, and a whole lot of sexy dancing.

Advanced Chair/Chole

Beginners 45 is your perfect lunchtime class.

Focusing on beginners pole moves, you'll learn the basics while also improving your strength and flexibility in an exciting 45 min lunch time session!

Beginners 45

Never tried pole dancing? Never tried static? Beginners static will teach you all the static basic moves and turns. No experience needed, just bring some socks!

Intro to Static

Exotic Gold is a class for those new to the exotic style. You will learn basic static spins, exotic turns and transitions on the pole and the floor. You will learn an exotic routine over 8 weeks on static pole. Best suited for Int 2 level and above.

Exotic Gold

Strip plastic is a Russian style that focuses on all musical elements and details of a song. It’s a combination of flow, exotic and all things music!

Strip Plastic

Stuck on a move? Then this the class for you. Each week we will go through various pole moves as a class and focus on individual pole goals. Everything from inverts, spinning climbs, dvd’s, right leg hangs to head rolls and everything in between! Suitable for Int 1 and above


Learn how to dance with intent as you work your ay through a lyrical and contemporary routine.

Lyrical Flow & Contemporary

Focused on tricks and combos, this course is specifically aimed at those students in intermediate level classes Int 1, Int 2 & Int 3. Working on a variety of old and new pole tricks, putting the tricks into combos and also technique of transitions.

Intermediate Tricks

Exotic Choreo will teach you the art of exotic flow, spins tricks, floor and dance combinations.

Exotic Spins & Static Flow

Low base static focuses on all elements of static and the Russian style that are performed low on the pole.

Low Base Static

Alternating routines during the term to include both spinning and static pole, this class will teach you how to flow as well as do tricks and dance combinations.

Exotic Choreography

Conditioning, flexibility and balance is a fun class that combines all things needed to compliment your pole work or any other workout you are doing. Focusing on core conditioning, strengthening for hips, back & shoulders with flexibility. This class will also help with balances. Handstand, headstand and forearm stand conditioning, this part of the course will be specific to individual levels. This class is suitable for all levels

Conditioning, Flexibility and Balance

Our Team

The team at Bobbi’s Gold are some of the best in the industry. They work together to ensure uniform, safe and (most importantly) fun classes to every student to walk through our golden door. Rest assured, you’re going to leave feeling more confident, a bit sweaty and having had a great time.


We understand the pole addiction… But there’s good news… the more classes you book, the cheaper your term becomes! Book one full price and receive any additional classes in the same term as a ‘reduced rate class*.

*Your pole class will always be your full price class when doing consecutive classes.

Pole Levels

$260 for 8 weeks

($150 when enrolled in a 2nd 8 week course that term, $135 when enrolled a 3rd class that same term, $120 when enrolled in a 4th 8 week course that term)

Specialty Courses

$260 for 8 weeks

($150 when enrolled in a 2nd 8 week course that term, $135 when enrolled a 3rd class that same term, $120 when enrolled in a 4th 8 week course that term)


$180 for 8 weeks ($130 for 45 min class)

(when enrolled in another 8 week course that term)

$130 for 8 weeks ($100 for 45 min class)

Practice Time

$10 per hour for enrolled students

$30 per hour for non enrolled students

Please call or speak to reception to book. See our available practice times here

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