Term 3, 2023

Term Starts: 29 April 2024

4.30pm – Practice time

5.30pm – Int 1 with Luci

6.30pm – Intro to Floorwork with Luci

7.30pm – Int 3 with Luci

5.30pm Intro to Exotic with Onyx

6.30pm Int 2 with Onyx

7.30pm Exotic Choreo with Onyx

5.30pm – Advanced with Nikita

6.30pm – Static with Nikita

7.30pm – Int 3 with Nikita

4.30pm – Practice time

5.30pm – Beginners with Luci

6.30pm – Slap with Luci

7.30pm – Prep Adv 1 with Luci

5.30pm – Sensual Choreo with Basjia

6.30 – Spins & Shapes with Basjia

4pm – Contemporary (90mins) with Sylvia

12pm Floorwork with Dorothy

1pm Low Base Static with Dorothy

2pm Exotic Choreo with Dorothy

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